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Corbels are called 'Decorative Brackets'. They are feature wood carvings, designed to lend support, highlight the relief construction of the woodwork and also, simply to provide decoration.

Corbels are used by homeowners, interior decorators, furniture designers and millworkers to add support and decoration to furniture and shelves. Corbels can also be used as interior design features in their own right, in the corners of a room or perhaps acting as decorative accents in an archway.

Here are some ideas or uses for using Corbels: Decorative Shelf Supports, Architectural Facades, Bar Front Decoration and Fire Surround Ornamentals

To compliment decorative Corbel Designs and increase their impact, consider using coordinated center pieces, pediments, onlays or florets. Hand carved corbels in solid hardwood can be used for decorating a variety of other materials and surfaces. Below is a large selection of corbels to fit every need. As our selection is quite large, please select from the following subcategories:


Click on these links or pictures below for the current selection of corbels that we keep in stock:

Small Corbels Medium Corbels Large Corbels Grape Leaf Corbels
Small Length
under 9"
(15 to Choose From)
Med Sizes
9" to 12"
(34 to Choose From)
Large Sizes
12" to 15"
(33 to Choose From)
Grape Leaf Designs
All different Sizes
(10 to Choose From)
XL Corbels XXL Corbels Open Corbels Set Corbels
X-Large Sizes
15" to 18"
(11 to Choose From)
XX-Large Sizes
(10 to Choose From)
Open Bracket

(12 to Choose From)
Design Sets
All different Sizes
(52 to Choose From)
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