Custom Doors

 Looking for something unique for your home? Wohners has been providing the local area with premium handcrafted doors for over 40 years. Over those years we have provided custom doors to the finest homes, churches, and businesses. All of this experience assures you of the most knowledgeable help in this all-important decision. From custom designs, to hardware choices, to installation questions, Wohners is here to help you.

iron doors for hindu community center mahwah NJ
iron doors for hindu temple mahwah nj
light mahogany double carved doors
6 panel carved fir door with 2 glass panels
mahogany doors with arcghed glass
drawing of french doors
oak doors with leaded glass
drawing of door
round panel door with 2 sidelights double carved mahogany doors 2 panel door with sidelights and transom
iron grill over glass on mahogany double doors
drawing of speakeasy door
carved french doors

Door Construction


Exterior doors take a lot abuse. Unlike interior doors, they must be strong,resistant to big swings in temperature and moisture as well as withstanding daily use. There are many construction techniques and ways that wood doors are built. Do not be fooled by low cost imports. The best advice is old advice; you get what you pay for. A properly made exterior door can be an expensive item. We know wood. Today it is important to know not only where it was harvested, but how it was dried, stored and transported. A properly protected quality hardwood door should last for the life of the structure. Too often we see doors that don't last 20.



According to a survey buy realtors, improving or changing the front door is one of the best places to spend your money. The "curb appeal" of a nice entrance and potential buyers first impression are strong selling factors. The value of a nice door can increase the homes selling price well beyond its cost, according to most realtors.

Design Choices


How do you choose?  With the endless styles, colors, glass, and wood choices, it can be a confusing task. We can help. We found the following process the easiest for most people. Forget the catalogs! Take some Pictures in your neighborhood of homes similar to yours. You will see automatically what you like and what you hate! Use our photoshop service to see what it looks like on your home!  We can often estimate without any dimensions, but providing some basic overall sizes is helpful.

door with 2 sidelights mahogany

Photoshop Service


Did you know we can show you what your door will look like on your house?


Take a picture of the front of the house, straight-on is best, try not to have too many items blocking the door, plants, cars etc.. We can place a picture of a design you are considering into the photo and email it to you. A great way to visualize the design!

Door Hardware

Decorative door hardware is available from leading manufacturers. Ask the experts who install it!


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