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Fireplace Mantel Surrounds

Today's fireplaces act as the center gathering place of a family and their home and holds a permanent place of comfort in all of our hearts. With the technology of today, your options for a fireplace mantel are endless. You can either design your own fireplace mantel or install one of our already made-to-order packages that will create a delightful focal point in any room.


In the history of the fireplace, there never existed such an exciting array of designs and installation choices as exists in today's market. You are going to enjoy discovering the wealth of some strikingly beautiful mantels and shelfs.


 We offer an exhaustive selection of finely made mantels, from the traditional standards, to finely carved works of art. As our selection is quite large, please select from the following subcategories:


Estate Mantels

- Hand-carved ornamental mantels in period styles, kept in stock. The Estate Mantel Series represents the finest quality in design and craftsmanship.

Builders Select Mantels

- Quality hardwood mantels, many available for quick shipment. More Traditional and Colonial in design they offer complete flexibility and customization and refined molding details


Custom Mantels

- Unique mantel designs we have produced over the years. Some have historic influences while others are just artistic statements. Let your imagination take over.

Stone and Marble Mantels

- Marble Mantels - Hand Carved Stone and Marble Chimneypieces

Thin Cast Stone Mantels

- Affordable, lightweight, non-combustible thin cast stone mantles

Other Mantel Catagories

Flat Screen TV Mantels

- Take a look at some of our custom-made fireplace mantel shelves and surrounds, some specifically built for plasma and flat-screen t.v.'s. A popular option for any mantel.

Overmantels, Panels,Bookcases

- Did you know we can provide matching cabinets, panels and entire room suites to go along with your mantel? We can also ship the mantel to your cabinetmaker's factory for finish matching.

Custom Mantel Shelves

- For fireplaces where a full surround is not appropriate, use a mantel shelf only. They can be built to cap stone or made to hang on the wall. Our decorative mantel shelves can be used even without a fireplace.

Slide Show

Not sure what kind of Mantel you are looking for, view our Slide Show, which showcase a majority or our installed mantels.


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