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The Custom Carving Section is dedicated to showcase some of Wohners Inc. talents. These are ideas of individuals and customers that came to us to see if we could recreate some of these works utilizing our quality craftsmanship. As you can see from some of our diverse clients, that no job is too big for us. We treat every job with the utmost respect, and the results show. Each assignment is produced in a timely fashion, and the outcome is unforgettable. Although Custom Carving can be expensive, we have been known to take on a project for as low as $1,000.

Creating a Carving for the State Seal of Pennsylvania (Detail Shots)
Based on a 1778 design by Caleb Lownes of Philadelphia, the State Seal features a shield crested by
an American Bald Eagle, flanked by horses and adorned with symbols of Pennsylvania's strengths - a ship
carrying state commerce to all parts of the world; a clay-red plough, signifying our rich natural resources;
and three golden sheaves of wheat, suggesting fertile fields and Pennsylvania's wealth of human thought and action. An olive branch and cornstalk cross limbs beneath - a message of peace and prosperity.

With that brief history being said, We were given the opportunity to assist in the carving of the State Seal for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. It was carved in wood, By Wohners, Inc., and it has an overall dimension of 36" Length X 24" Height X 2" - 4" Thick.

More Custom Carvings are being added periodically. Revisit us soon. Thank You.

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